22 August 2018

What Makes Promotional Bags Such Good Promo Items?

by Dave

Are you looking for a marketing item that your customs will actually use? You need promotional bags. One of the best value for money marketing tools there is, you can be sure you’ll get lots of bang for your buck, your brand will be seen by plenty of people, and your customers will love them! Whether you’re after totes, backpacks or even cooler bags, these are sure to be a hit.

Plenty of advertising space
Promotional bags offer large, flat surfaces which you can print whatever image you want onto. We recommend your logo and business name, and even your contact details. This way, the bags user will remember your brand whenever they use the bag. We’ve also found that adding an aesthetically pleasing design or humorous phrase is gaining popularity – your customers are more likely to use something that they don’t see as being direct advertising.

You’ll get lots of exposure
Because your customers are using your bags over and over again, you’ll get more exposure each time. If they are taking it to do the grocery shopping in, it will be seen by the dozens of people at the supermarket. If they go out to brunch with it before that, it can be seen by the other customers at the café. If they pack a change of clothes into it so they can go to the gym after they go shopping, everyone at the gym will be exposed to your brand as well! That’s three separate groups of people who have seen your business name, all thanks to your promotional bags. When you think about how many bags that you’re handing out, there are potentially hundreds of people who will see your brand, and that may remind them that they need your services.

Fill them with other marketing material
Bags are made to be filled, which can make them the perfect promotional item. You can fill yours with pamphlets and brochures or your other branded marketing material, like drink bottles, stationary, and take-away coffee cups. Or, you can fill them with things that reflect your services. For example, if you’re a representative for organic farmers (or you’re an organic farmer yourself) fill them with farm-fresh produce. If you’re a tech firm, include USBs, chargers and mouse pads. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Many places to hand them out
The number of promotional bags you order goes a long way to determining where you hand them out. However, you don’t just have to limit yourself to one location. You may begin by giving them away – filled with goodies of course – at tradeshows and events. You could also create a welcome pack or Christmas gifts for your most valued clients. If you sell products, you could package the items inside your bags at the counter. Or, you could even hand them out to your employees. They’d definitely get a lot of use out of them, and they’re sure to love showing off the company they work for.

With so many marketing options on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to choose one that will suit your business. At Novel Tees, we believe you can’t go wrong with promotional bags. They have so many uses, and you’ll get plenty of exposure every time they’re reused.