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It should come as no surprise that custom bags are some of the most popular promotional items on the market – they’re environmentally friendly, Read more come in a huge range of styles and colours, incredibly useful, and will catch the eye of anyone who happens to spot them. We have an extensive range of promotional bags to choose from, including: backpacks, satchels, coolers, laptop sleeves, duffels, luggage, totes, wine carriers, toiletry bags and more.

Bags Direct From China

If price is your main concern, we highly recommend our China promotional bags, which generally come in under $1 each (although there are a couple of options around the $1.50 and $2.50 mark). These bags might be cheap in price, but this doesn’t mean that they’re cheap in value or quality – all products are manufactured from quality materials that will stand the test of time. Browse our extensive range of hats below or contact us for more information.


From your daily commute to the school run, promotional backpacks can be used by people of all ages and genders. This makes them a fantastic addition to any marketing campaign as, even if the user has no use for the bag, it’s likely that someone else in the family will. These bags have been designed to carry books, laptops, tablets, lunchboxes and a wealth of other possessions, so you can rest assured that they are tough and durable.


Promotional backsacks are similar to backpacks in that they are both worn on the back, but this is where the similarities end – backsacks tend to be much smaller and compact, generally consisting of a single compartment that is secured with a drawstring. They are a popular choice amongst children, as they don’t tend to get as heavy as traditional backpacks and make great options for library, sports or swimming lessons.

Bamboo Bags

For the environmentally conscious, we have promotional bamboo bags. Bamboo is a completely sustainable material that regenerates quickly (meaning that it is unlikely to ever be in short supply), plus the bags are biodegradable – once you’re done with them, you can put them in the garden waste bin or even compost them in your backyard. If your business is serious about their commitment to sustainable practices, this is the marketing tool for you.

Calico & Cotton Bags

Another option for the environmentally conscious, promotional calico bags are a great alternative to traditional single-use plastic bags (which many retailers are starting to phase out anyway). Made from cotton, which is a completely sustainable material, they can be reused over and over again without issue. They’re great for doing the weekly grocery shop, as they fold up quite small and can easily be slipped into your handbag.

Conference Bags & Satchel

If you are the kind of person who attends a lot of meetings, you will probably find a promotional conference bag quite useful. With plenty of room for your laptop, tablet, files and documents, rest assured that you will have everything you need on hand at all times. We have an extensive range of styles to choose from (including pouches, satchels, backpacks, totes and briefcases) to ensure that you’re able to find your perfect match.

Cooler Bags

From keeping your lunch cool whilst you’re on the road to packing for a picnic, promotional cooler bags are an incredibly useful item that we never really think much about until we need one. Being able to enjoy a fresh lunch at the height of summer and preventing foodstuffs from going off are luxuries that we have previously not been able to take advantage of – the introduction of insulated coolers, however, have made this possible.

Enviro Bags

With the impact that we’re having on the environment in more focus than ever, more people are choosing to make environmentally friendly options. We offer an extensive range of promotional enviro bags that can help you to achieve this in your marketing offerings – from calico totes and non woven coolers to bamboo carriers and PET luggage, we have an option to suit everyone. Browse our extensive range of hats below or contact us for more information.

Jute Bags

Jute is a rough, natural vegetable fibre that many people are turning to as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and other manmade materials. If you are committed to minimising the impact that you have on the environment, promotional jute bags could be the solution for you. As well as being a naturally occurring and relatively sustainable material, the bags can be recycled when you no longer need them instead of thrown into landfill.

Laptop Bags & Sleeves

When you carry your laptop or tablet, it is understandable that you would want to ensure its protection at all costs. After all, these sorts of devices are incredibly fragile – even a gentle knock could crack a screen or dislodge something important. Our promotional laptop bags to the rescue! We have options to suit laptops and tablets of all shapes and sizes, ensuring that they are always protected from potential damage and theft.

Non Woven Bags

Thanks to their affordability, our promotional non woven bags make popular giveaways at tradeshows, conferences and other events. Fill them with marketing material about your business and services, toss in a few other promo items (such as a pen or even a mug) and hand them out to passers by – people appreciate being handed a bag, as it’s easy to carry and keeps their hands free.Browse our extensive range of hats below or contact us for more information.

Paper Bags

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags? We think that promotional paper bags could be just the solution! Not only are our bags strong enough to be reused, they can be recycled when no longer required. Plus, paper is a renewable resource – it can be replaced with new growth without depleting further resources. If you want to make a clear statement about your commitment to the environment, we can help you make it happen!

PET Bags

Haven’t found our other environmentally friendly options all that exciting? For the ultimate in eco friendliness, we also offer promotional PET bags, which are made from recycled bottles that have been woven into fabric fibres. The bottles would have otherwise ended up in landfill, so by adding these bags to your marketing campaign you’re doing something amazing for the environment.Browse our extensive range of hats below or contact us for more information.

Shoe Bags

From protecting that good pair of shoes that is worn rarely to keeping the clothes in your suitcase clean, promotional shoe bags are a fantastic addition to the marketing campaign of any business. From corporate gifts that tell clients you care to employee giveaways, these bags are completely different to other promotional items on the market. Browse our extensive range of hats below or contact us for more information.

Sports & Duffle Bags

If you’re somehow involved with the sports and fitness industries – such as working as a personal trainer, a supplements supplier or even if you sponsor a local sports team – promotional sports bags can be great for your marketing campaign. More and more people are seeing the value in getting fit and living a healthier lifestyle, which includes hitting the gym on a regular basis – these sorts of bags are the sort of thing they will appreciate.

Toiletry Bags

Whether you’re involved with the travel industry (such as an airline or a hotel chain) or you have employees who spend a lot of time on the road, we recommend promotional toiletry bags as the ideal marketing tool. Not only will they constantly keep your brand in the forefront of the minds of the user, they’re an incredibly useful item that recipients are likely to keep. Browse our extensive range of hats below or contact us for more information.

Tote Bags

If you’re looking for an affordable addition to your marketing campaign but don’t want to sacrifice on quality or usability, you cannot beat our promotional tote bags. They are perfect for handing out customer welcome packs, employee holiday gifts, important tradeshow or conference information, and the best part is that they can be reused over and over again. Browse our extensive range of hats below or contact us for more information.

Travel Bags & Luggage

Who doesn’t like receiving luggage? Whether your employees spend a lot of time on the road or you know that your clients like to holiday, our range of promotional travel bags and luggage could be the luxurious addition to your marketing campaign that you have been searching for. Every time a user checks in at the airport, is waiting at baggage claim, is getting into or out of a taxi your brand will be front and centre.

Wine Carry Bags

There are many situations in which you may need promotional wine bags – perhaps you run a bottle shop and want to offer customers a sturdy way to carry multiple bottles, or perhaps you’re planning to gift wine to your clients at Christmas this year. No matter the reason, we have got you covered. Our extensive range of carriers can be branded with your corporate logo or marketing message for the best possible results.


We are a proud supplier of genuine Stormtech bags, all of which can be customised with your corporate logo. This brand is known for manufacturing high quality, durable outdoor gear that will stand the test of time in even the toughest of environments. Who doesn’t want their brand to be linked with this sort of reputation? Our range of promotional Stormtech bags is a little pricier than other options, but totally worth it.

If you are looking for an effective way to marketing your business, look no further than personalised bags. On top of the fact that they can be taken anywhere, they’ll constantly be on display – everyone who comes into contact with them will be exposed to your brand.

Whether you have opted for embroidered or custom printed bags, rest assured that your logo and marketing message will appear exactly as you imagined. You have ample choices when it comes to branding location, ensuring that your brand can really be at the forefront.

Any business can benefit from the addition of promotional bags to their marketing campaign, as they can be used for literally anything – carrying purchases, doing the grocery shopping, hitting up the gym, running errands, visiting the library or even going on holiday!

Areas We Service

Novel Tees and Promotional Bags Australia has been providing clients around the country with quality custom bags in every style and shape imaginable for more than 16 years now. We ship to all major city and regional locations, including: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide to name a few. Please contact us for a quote on shipping to your location.