18 July 2019

Custom Promotional Bags for Gifts and Giveaways

by Dave

Are you looking for the ideal gift for your corporate partners? Perhaps you’re searching for the perfect giveaway for your next tradeshow or event? You may even have already found a great gift for your staff, but you have nothing to put it in? Whatever the case, consider custom promotional bags – the ideal solution for any occasion, they offer excellent and long-lasting exposure, and can be used by any business across a huge range of industries. If you’re wondering if they are the right choice for your brand, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve prepared this short guide to walk you through the different sorts of bags on the market, and how you can best use them to your advantage. 

  • Ideal for Every Occasion
    With hundreds of different styles to choose from, we’re confident there is the ideal choice for your business. From Backpacks to conference bags, coolers and laptop sleeves, duffle bags to toiletry cases, there truly is an option for every occasion – and given the huge range, they can be gifted or given away everywhere from a tradeshow to the supermarket. 
  • Functional and Attractive 
    Another key benefit of custom promotional bags is there unparalleled functionality. By gifting current and potential clients with an item they can use, you’re much more likely to generate feelings of goodwill, which can translate into repeat business and recommendations. 
  • Perfect for Your Business 
    Thanks to the huge range of designs to choose from, there are options that are well suited to every business imaginable! Do you work with children? Consider a backpack. If you are in the health and fitness industry, a duffle bag may be the ideal choice. If you’re trying to woo a new corporate client, then a wine cooler may be the ideal gift – consider filling it with a regional vintage for additional impact. 
  • Easy to Customise 
    One of the best things about bags is how easy they are to customise! Offering essentially a blank canvas, your business name, logo and marketing message can be printed with ease. 
  • Maximum Exposure
    Perhaps the greatest benefits of custom bags is the exposure that they offer. Each and every time they are used, your brand name and logo will be shown to not only the user, but each person they come into contact with as well! That’s potentially hundreds of different people that are seeing your details, from just a single bag! 

As you can see, for gifts and giveaways – and everything in between – there is no better choice than our custom promotional bags. Designed to your exact needs, they offer unparalleled exposure that simply can’t be beaten. No matter what your industry, you’ll soon find your staff, clients and potential customers are using your bags across the region, at all hours of the day.

If you want to learn more, or you’re eager to begin designing your custom bag, please reach out to our expert team at Novel Tees. With hundreds of options to choose from, we’re confident we have your perfect choice. Call today on 1300 724 046