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Personalised and branded bags make excellent promotional merchandise items. At some stage daily, everyone needs a bag of some description, making bags an advertising favourite


As marketing and conference products, logo bags are available in many styles from Cheap Tote Style Carrier bags to Premium Corporate Luggage and Business Bags with many printed, embroidered and badged options available to cater for your custom requirements.


Here are just a few options, all with online pricing available. Click through the images to see the specific range of bags available with many logo branding options, or view our full range of promotional bags here


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Non Woven Bags

View our full range of non woven bags here !


Non Woven Bags


Promotional Non Woven Bags

Custom non-woven bags are ideal for any marketing application, from handing out information at tradeshows to carrying important documents.

Promo Depots supplies promotional non-woven bags in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and beyond. They are available in a wide array of styles for your convenience, including: trade show, sling, satchel, cooler, executive, bottle, shopping, coffee carrier, beach, duffel, back sack, messenger and tote.

Our branded non woven bags are available in an array of colours, ensuring that your business name or logo can be adequately reflected. Whilst neutrals are a popular choice, we also offer a number of brighter and bolder shades.

One of the best things about non woven shopping bags is that they can be reused over and over again. Each time the recipient pulls the bag out, either to fill with their shopping or run errands, they will be reminded of your brand.

Computer Bags Australia

Laptop bags, computer bags, laptop sleeves all can be printed

with your logo or design making them a must have item for your

next promotion, conference or as a thank you gift to your clients

and staff !

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Computer Bags

From $ 15.20 each

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Elleven Wheeled Computer Bags

From $ 95.72 each

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Custom Backpacks Australia

Promotional backpack are an eternal favourite, offering exceptional

versatility with form and function.

From cheap children backpacks to Hi-Tech laptop bags.

Find some samples below or

View our full range of backpacks here !



Coil Back Pack

From $ 10.22 each

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Spliced Zenith Backpack

From $ 20.35

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Promotional Cooler Bags Australia

Cooler bags are a seasonal favorite promotional item.

New styles and features are launched every year.

A variety of sizes are available to cater for any promotional

campaign and marketing budget. Find some samples below or

View our full range of cooler bags here !


Cooler Bags

Cooler bags

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Best bags to buy


What would be the point if you produced hunderds of promotional gifts and corporate giveaways if the customer had now way of carrying them. The solution is promotional bags, a great item to carry all your goods in whilst advertising at the same time. The range of bags available on the market are numerous, and if you give one a great makeover, you could have yourself a most wanted business gift .

1.Carrier Bags - The versatility of the carrier bag allows this to be a great way of increasing awareness for particular brands. also if you can make printed recycled bags, you not only promote your product but you promote the environment.

2.Conference Bags - promotional conference bags are the perfect corporate gift at conferences. This promotional product gives the image of being organised and with your logo on the side of this extremely functional promotional item, it will be seen wherever it goes.

3.Cooler Bags - Cooler bags are fantastic because they keep your food fresh and your drinks cold, so it would be a great promotional product to integrate into you range of advertising gifts. Where ever food is needed to be taken, your logo will go along with it.

4.Cotton Bags - cotton is renowned for its breathable quality, so when it is incorporated as a printed tote bag, this brings a new element to a great way of carrying items such as fruit and vegetables, allowing them to breathe, and allowing you to advertise.

5.Drawstring Bags - Drawstring bags really took off in the late 90s' due to how easy they are to make and how useful they are. Using these as a promotional item or business gift filled with other goodies, allow you to advertise whilst giving out advertising gifts.

6.Eco Friendly Bags - As of recent years bag for life has become a well known term for people that want to be eco friendly. So if you jump on this bandwagon and use this eco friendly phenomenon to your advantage, you also could be producing your own bag for life with your name on it.

7.Laptop Bags - According to the IDC the laptop industry is booming, with 148 million units being sold in 2008 alone. Therefore the need for promotional laptop bags is inevitable, thus always being a useful item to incorporate into your print promotional products.

8.Rucksacks & Backpacks - promotional backpacks are surprisingly a very affordable solution. They are great for students around the world. Due to their functionality promotional rucksacks & backpacks are an impressive way to increase awareness of your brand wherever they can be seen.

9.Shoe Bags - everybody needs to carry around shoes for one reason or another, from gym commuters to athletes, it is important to separate your shoes from the rest of your kit. That is why promotional shoe bags would make an excellent unique business gift that surpasses your dull usual choices of printed pens, printed t shirts, or even branded magnets.

10.Travel and Sports Bags - With more and more people becoming health conscious, giving out sports bags gives them that extra incentive to use it. the size of printed sports bags make it a great advertising space for a big logo and more.

So with the promotional bag being such a widely used term, for many different items, it makes it a great article to advertise using, and to giveaway. not only would the bag itself be a corporate gift but fill it with goodies such as printed t shirts, printed printed mouse mats, embroidered fleeces etc and people wil not only love the bag but will love the contents too.


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Cheap Printed Calico Bags

Use Calico Bags for conventions, trade shows, fairs and

sample bags.

Ideal for environmental projects as calico (cotton) is a renewable

resource and bags are continually re-used.

We can have your logo or design printed on any of your calico bags

Promotional Products Australia also offers China Direct Calico Bags

directly  from our factory in China making them very affordable !

View our full range of calico bags here !



Calico Library Bags

From $ 2.70 each

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Calico Tote Bags

From $ 1.89 each

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Corporate Messenger Bag

Corporate Conference Event Messenger bags are released

every year catering for a host of uses and budgets. All of our

corporate bags can be printed or embroidered with your logo or

design making them very popular items for any conference or

event. Find some samples below or


View our full range of messenger bags here !



Boomerang  Messenger Bags

From $ 5.89 each

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Double Curve Brif Bags

From $ 7.04 each

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Cheap Printed Non Woven Bags

Cheap Non Woven Bags Factory Express !   Custom made

non woven bags are fantastic way to promote your business.

Production time for China Express Bags is about 30 days. It is

longer production time then our Australian Printed Non Woven Bags

but prices are very low ! Find some samples below or

View our full range of non woven bags here !



Small Shopper Bags

From $ 0.70 each

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None Woven Cooler Bags

From $ 2.00 each

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Decoration Of Promo Bag

Bags can be decorated with your logo or design in many different ways.

Most comment would be screen printing and embroidery.

Other options would be plastisol print or a digital transfer.

Decoration method you choose will also determinant the cost of your promotional bag.

If you not sure of what decoration method to use, we will be more then happy to give you our advise.

Why Giveaway Promotional Bags?


Our selection of promotional bags spans everything from shopping bags and lunch bags to attaches and briefcases. They are great space savers and a highly useful giveaway.

Drawstring bags are one of our best-selling. They are lightweight, compact, simple, and inexpensive.

Our cheap tote bags, none woven bags and various tote bags all fall into a similar class with drawstring bags.

You could also be looking for something like a cooler or lunch bag, or computer bags, iPad sleeves and cases if you re catering to a techie, gadget-loving audience.

We also offer a range of briefcases, backpacks, and duffel bags for those who would enjoy a way to carry around more stuff, while also keeping it organized.